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Research Stream

Adaptive Resiliency Co-Design Lab 

Launching in 2022, the Adaptive Resiliency Co-Design Lab (ARCD) is an interdisciplinary research stream for graduate students (thesis advising) and research projects associated with climate adaptive urbanism and community design in response to climate change and stormwater management. The goals of ARCD are to address critical issues associated with climate change adaptation and design responses in a way that draws upon current science (e.g. applied urban ecology, hydrology, etc.) to improve the design and planning responses. 

Thesis Advising:
Potential Projects

Projects associated with this research stream might address the following topics: adaptation to climate change (sea level change, nuisance flooding, habitat restoration) and/or working with communities to address some of these issues via a design-research strategy. It is advised that students interested in this research stream contact Vikki to discuss potential thesis directions and projects.

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