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Current & Former Students

Thesis Committees (Masters Level)

  • Miranda Wheble. Anticipated 2023. From a Landscape of Lack: Making landscape an active player in social housing areas, Case Study: Titahi Bay, Porirua.

  • Janice Naidu. Anticipated 2023. Innovative responses to temporal inland flooding impacted through the ongoing global issue of climate change in a low socio-economic country, Fiji Islands.

  • Māia Holman-Wharehoka. Anticipated 2023. A New Age Papakāinga. Building Science masters. Part of NUWAO​.

  • Johannah Kearney. Anticipated 2022. Artful engagement with Sea Level Rise in the Waiwhetū catchment and its role in envisioning a future hydrological change.

  • Kauri Brown. 2022. RE-CONNECTING MĀTAURANGA: Encouraging a Resilient Community through Cross-Cultural Frameworks.

  • Zak Kelland. 2022. Restoring tūrangawaewae.

  • Jess McCormick. 2022. BIRDS (i)VIEW.

  • Charunsap Srisomnuk. 2021. What’s on the floor? 

  • Dorothy Yeseul Kang. 2021. Re-envisioning Hybrid Streets.

  • Max Ruffell. 2021. Activate, Inactive, Activity.

  • Katie Ferguson. 2019. Designing for Experiential Learning Landscapes. Committee Chairperson. 

  • 2018, Nathan Collier. Rethinking the Role of Stormwater Management on Campus in College Park, MD

  • 2017, Kanoko Maeda, Socioecological dimensions of Mosquitos in Stormwater BMPs, Committee Member. Graduate Student in Environmental Science & Technology.

  • 2017, Dylan Reilly. Community design project in Norton, VA. Committee member.

  • 2017, Vincent Yi. Community design project in Baltimore, MD. Committee member.

  • 2016, Amina MohamedShifting Scales, Adjusting Lenses: A Framework for Investigating Baltimore’s Urban Vacancy. Committee Chairperson.

  • 2016, Kathleen HayesRegenerative Stormwater Conveyance Design Project in Baltimore, MD. Committee Chairperson.

  • 2016, Katelin Posthuma, Applying Ecological Representation to a project in upstate New York, Committee Member

  • 2014, Elisabeth Walker, Cultural Dimensions of Sustainability. Committee chairperson.

  • 2014, Travis Wierengo, Revival Through Resilience: Small Craft Harbor Design Within a Coastal Community. Committee chairperson.

  • 2014, Amy Marin, Master of Landscape Architecture, Urban Agriculture in Baltimore, MD, Committee member

  • 2014, Adriana Mendoza, Community Design Investigations in Ward 8, Master of Landscape Architecture, Committee member.

  • 2013, Nic PatrickExperiencing Temporary Artscapes. Committee chairperson.

  • 2013, Emilie Carter, Thesis on environmental signage in Baltimore, Committee member.

  • 2013, Sarah Ashmun, Healing Invisible Wounds of War: Landscapes for Wounded Warriors Suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Committee member.

  • 2013, Wenjie Lee, Greening the City: Networking School Green Roofs to Achieve Storm Water Benefits: Brier’s Mill Run Watershed Case Study, Master of Landscape Architecture, Committee member.

  • 2012, Rosamaria Mora, Puertas: ‘City Entrance’: reinterpretation in Casco Antiguo, Panama, Master of Landscape Architecture, Committee member.

  • 2012, Zoe ClarkwestWalking on Water: Stormwater Design Investigations for Baltimore Neighborhood. Committee chairperson.

  • 2012, Matt Sickle, Memorial for Civilian Public Service. Committee member.

  • 2011, Joyce Kelley. Orijilla: Redesign of the critical buffer. Committee chairperson.

  • 2011, Kameron Aroom, Riverpark: Adaptive Reuse of South Capitol Street Bridge, Master of Landscape Architecture, Committee member

  • 2009, Childers, Meghan, Drayton Mill: Preserving History and Environment through Design in Spartanburg, SC, Master of Landscape Architecture, (Clemson University), Committee chairperson.

  • 2009, Ezell, Monica, Design Solutions for the Tank Farm Site in North Charleston, SC, *Master of Landscape Architecture, (Note: Association for Collegiate Schools in Planning 2009 Ritzdorf Award nominee)

  • 2009, Haynes, Christopher, Sustainable Golf Course Design, Master of Landscape Architecture, (Clemson University), Committee chairperson.

  • 2009, Yilmaz, Derin, A Design for Ecotourism for a Farming Community in Turkey, Master of Landscape Architecture, (Clemson University), Committee chairperson.

  • 2008, Provencher, Christian, Urban Design of Three Public Plazas in Downtown North Charleston, Master of Landscape Architecture, (Clemson University), Committee chairperson.

  • 2008, Hughes, Adrea, Protecting South Carolina’s Pearls: Evaluation of the Landscape Elements that Contribute to Conservation in Georgetown County Planning Expressed In a Spatial Outcome, Master of Landscape Architecture, (Clemson University)

  • 2007, Fabian, Avril, Urban Agriculture and Landscape Architecture, Master of Landscape Architecture, (Clemson University)

Doctoral Committees 

(Links to the abstracts of completed dissertations at the University of Maryland, regardless of whether I served as committee chairperson or committee member, are provided below.)

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