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The U.S. EPA RainWorks Competition

Award-Winning Submissions by the University of Maryland Students


As part of the graduate studio coursework supervised by Dr. Chanse (LARC748), the landscape architecture students have competed in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's RainWorks Design Competition. Students from a variety of disciplines ranging from civil and environmental engineering, environmental science and technology, architecture, and others have collaborated with these students to develop award-winning submissions. Faculty, staff, and other collaborators served on extensive advisory boards for each project.


Each link below leads to the submission boards and projects posted on the EPA's website:

  • 2017 Second Place, Master Plan Category. Student Team: Laura Robinson, Avantika Dalal, Joshua Franklin, Jason Poole, Jen Ren (Landscape Architecture); Tuana Philips, Joshua Nichols (Environmental Science and Technology), Gabriel Donnenberg (Environmental Science and Policy). 

  • 2016 Second Place, Demonstration Category. Student Team: Mark Dennis, Dylan Reilly, Vince Yi (Landscape Architecture); Michael Van Wie (Mechanical Engineering); Emma Giese, Tuana Phillips (Environmental Science and Technology); Christiane Machado (Architecture).

  • 2015 First Place, Demonstration Category. Student Team: Kathleen Hayes, George Sorvalis, Matt Zerfas (Plant Science and Landscape Architecture); Emma Giese, Sharon Hartzell (Environmental Science and Technology); Jason Renkenberger (Civil Engineering).

  • 2014 First Place, Demonstration Category. Student Team: Jonathan Gemmell, Penny Jacobs, Harris Trobman, Nick Yoder (Landscape Architecture); Jaison Renkenberger, and Yan Wang (Civil Engineering).

  • 2014, Honorable Mention, Master Plan Category. Student Team: Chris Shipley, Seth Fleming, Jun Jiang, Amina Mohamed (Landscape Architecture); Jaison Renkenberger, Yan Wang (Civil and Environmental Engineering); Maria Harwood (Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology); Benjamin Alexandro (Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology and Environmental Public Policy); and Monica Renee Saavoss (Agricultural and Resources Economics).

  • 2013, Honorable Mention, Site Demonstration Category. Student Team: Nancy Britt, Travis Wierengo, and Shoshanah Haberman (Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture) and Jaison Renkenberger (Civil Engineering).

Waterwheel Submission (2015). Student team: Katelin Posthuma, Nathan Allen, Jorah Reinstein, and Jaison Renkenberger. This submission made it to the top 16 entries out of 75 submissions)
MLA student Harris Trobman discussing his team's 2014 winning submission.
2013 Artscapes Terraces (Honorable Mention) video
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