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Since 2008, Dr. Chanse and her students have worked on over 30 projects in 20+ communities, led 7 public design workshops , generated 9 design workshop and project reports, led 10 community design activities and assisted communities in Maryland in acquiring $2.3M in grant funding. Working with communities to identify residential preferences, user needs, and priorities is key to developing implementable solutions and assisting communities in acquiring funding. A number of final student design projects, charrette findings, and design workshop reports were included in grant proposals by communities to successfully acquire funding.

Selected Community Design Studio Projects
2008-2009 North Charleston, SC (2 classes, BLA & MLA)
With graduate and undergraduate students, structured & led a 4-day charrette, charrette report produced and disseminated to neighborhood groups and City; project incorporated into master plan; final project was used in the next phase of the project with EDAW/AECOM for the final Low Country Alliance for Model Communities Master Plan. See: Stromboli Corridor report.
2008-2010 Aiken Green Infrastructure/Sand River Headwaters (SC)
Working with collaborators, led stakeholder meetings around framing the problem and concept development; Work presented to City Council; Aided in obtaining a $3.3 Million Grant to Build pilot project, the Sand River Headwaters Green Infrastructure project. For more, read "Private Property, Public Resource, Public Problem: the Role of Participation in Developing Innovative Stormwater Management Solutions in Aiken, SC."
2011 Forest Heights (MD) Sustainability Plan
With students, led public meetings for resident feedback to incorporate into the design process.
2011-2012 Climate Change Charrette
With graduate students, structured and led a 2-day charrette; meetings with stakeholders to address sea level rise in Dorchester County, MD.
2012-2013 East of the Anacostia (Wards 7&8)
In collaboration with Groundworks DC and the Anacostia Community museum, worked with students to lead design games with youth and with adults collect community input into the design process.
2012 Long Wharf Park Project
(select brief or charrette report below to see documents)
With graduate students, structured & led a 2 day charrette; produced a design brief (prior to charrette) and charrette report; City acquired $150K thanks to public involvement led by students (acknowledged by funding agency). Some features were funded (and implemented).
2014 Cambridge Urban Park Designs
Half day of 7 different design games plus a survey; findings incorporated into final designs; community involvement feedback used to successfully acquire funding for this park for the City of Cambridge, MD (park is under construction).​

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