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The aim of my research activities is to investigate how involving stakeholders can lead to resilient design and planning solutions that are appropriate for the socio-biophysical contexts of neighborhoods and communities.
My research examines ways to improve the resilience of underserved communities vulnerable to the impact of climate-change related flooding and water quality changes.
I have pursued this research through projects that engage in transdisciplinary approaches and pursue deeper community involvement. This research has been sustained by external grant support as co-PI and as PI, including grant support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the National Science Foundation, and the Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Funding.
Areas of Interest
  • Civic engagement approaches to watershed planning

  • Stormwater design and sea level change

  • Transdisciplinary action research

  • Community-based participatory research in stormwater and watershed planning

  • Community design and planning

  • Environmental justice in the built environment

Sample Research Collaborations & Projects

Nature-based Urban design for Wellbeing and Adaptation in Oceania (NUWAO). This project is funded by a Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Grant.

Deal Island Peninsula Project: Engaging Faith for Coastal Resilience, a NOAA funded project

Please contact me for a copy of this landscape performance report.

Sustainable Community Oriented Stormwater Management: A Sensible Strategy for the Chesapeake Bay.
I led Objective 1 of this project which included a residential stormwater survey about attitudes, knowledge, and preferences and a youth photovoice component. For the photovoice paper, see:
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